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Warehouse Control Systems

warehouse-control-systemOutsource Equipment provides successful implementation for various warehouse management systems and warehouse control systems for a wide range of industries.

The Warehouse Control System (WCS) collects real-time information from the automated material handling equipment and devices and Warehouse Management System (WMS) software to efficiently direct and manage automated material handling and processing within the warehouse.

The WCS software is a critical link between these systems and provides user interfaces for management, diagnostics, monitoring and control. It is the focal point for the management of operational processes in material handling systems.

Warehouse control software controls the automation equipment in warehouses and distribution centers and integrates with WMS/ERP systems. The warehouse management software is designed to be the important link between the equipment and the clients WMS/ERP system.

Outsource Equipment Company has implemented many successful integrations of warehouse control software with various Warehouse Management Systems for many customers in a range of industries using different types of automation. Contact us today about our warehouse control system software.


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