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Belt Conveyor

CRUZbelt-ConveyorCRUZbelt Conveyor

The CRUZbelt flat belt conveyors for sale from TGW-ERMANCO provide a continuous, flat surface for conveying items not suitable for live-roller conveyors, while maintaining products under positive control. Contact us today about our conveyor belt systems for sale.

Ideal Applications

Minimum-pressure accumulation for stable products or non-contact accumulation for delicate products. Also appropriate for maximizing accumulation without powered conveyor when an elevation change is required.

Performance Parameters

Product Weight Range Configuration Belt Support Surface Driver Configuration Speed
75 lbs. per foot Horizontal or incline/decline up to 24 degrees Slider pan or roller Center 30 FPM – 210 FPM

Key Benefits

  • 2-1/2″ dia. Pulleys provides smooth transition for small products
  • CRUZchannel seamlessly matches other CRUZchannel technologies and allows use of shroud cover
  • Simple design reduces initial cost, reduced spare parts cos, and cost of installation and maintenance
  • Roller bed lowers power requirement conserving energy
  • Slider bed provides quiet operation, smooth transport
  • A 97% efficient gearmotor provides energy savings

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