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Overhead Conveyors

Allied-EnclosedAllied Enclosed Track Overhead Conveyors

An enclosed track overhead conveyor consists of a powered chain running within a track. These Allied conveyor systems utilize an enclosed steel track which guides the trolleys and protects them from direct contamination.

Performance Parameters

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Practical Applications

  • Finishing and processing systems
  • Assembly operations
  • Parts transfer, storage & delivery

I-BeamAllied I-Beam Track Overhead Conveyors

True workhorses of industry, these medium and heavy duty overhead conveyor systems offer capacities ranging from 200 to 1,200+ lbs. For conveying medium to heavy parts over short or long distances, these conveyors provide maximum performance and reliability. Contact us about our conveyor systems for sale.

Performance Parameters

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Practical Applications

  • Large finishing and process systems
  • Assembly operations
  • Transfer, storage & delivery of heavy items.

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