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Sortation Systems

NBS-Narrow-Belt-SortersNBS Narrow Belt Sorters

A recent innovation, TGW-ERMANCO Narrow Belt Sorters deliver key advantages over conventional conveyor sortation systems, reducing energy usage, noise, and installation time. These warehouse sortation systems utilize a series of narrow belts, each with its own take-up.

Ideal Applications

Efficient and cost-effective performance within the key middle range of sortation throughput.

Performance Parameters

Different designs- NBS30, NBS90, TURBO, and NBS90SP- accommodate varying performance requirements.

Key Benefits

  • Reduces energy consumption by 705, noise level by 75%, and installation time by 40% over conventional sortation conveyor systems
  • Picks up product “on the fly:, maximizing sort rate
  • Conveys product along entire length on belt, delivering quiet operation and increasing accuracy of diverts
  • Individual belt take-ups for smooth product flow and long belt life
  • Modular divert mechanisms allow quick, easy reconfiguration of system
  • Simple design for ease of maintenance

TURBO Sortation SystemTURBO-Sortation-System

The TURBO Sortation System is the newest advancement with the extremely reliable Narrow Belt Sorter. Innovative WAVE technology (patented) is utilized to align and divert products at rates of 200 CPM. COMMANDER System Controls complement the mechanical hardware and operate the system with efficiency and precision.

Ideal Applications

Conveyor sortation systems requiring throughput rates of up to 200 CPM. It’s a perfect substitute for the more expensive sliding shoe sorter.

Performance Parameters

Product Weight Range Product Length Range Product Width Range Throughput Rate Maximum Speed
8 oz. to 50 lbs. per foot 9″ to 36″ 6″ to 28″ 200 CPM 425 FPM


  • Less noise than conventional 200 CPM warehouse sortation systems
  • Diverts left, right or both
  • Reduces total cost of ownership
  • Forgiving even when operating under less-than-ideal condition
  • Compatible controls and mechanical hardware design

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