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Outta-The-Box Warehouse Robot System

Goods-To-Person Picking Robots Outta-the-Box

Affordable System for Warehouse Fulfillment Automation 

Reduce operating costs. Increase pick rates 300% with 99.9% picking accuracy. Achieve world class order fulfillment rates at surprisingly affordable costs as seen below with mobile order picking robots.

Quick implementation time, you can have a complete operating system from start to finish in 20 weeks for $1,100,000 delivered and installed as the sample below shows and includes software installation and integration:

(30) Robots 1,600 lb capacity, Lidar navigation, 4.9 MPH, w/ (6) chargers

(160) Portable Storage Rack Fabric Frame – Customized to your needs

(3) Put-to-Light System (3) each Workstations and (1) Batch station each

(1) Software (open source) & IT equipment & integration, installation


Design Output Productivity:

  • Typical System Picking Throughput – 1,500 units/picks an hour.
  • (160) Rack Pods with 150 SKU’s each = 24,000 SKU capacity.
  • Reduce by 20-30 workers with 12 – 18 month payback.
  • Reduce floor space 50% this sample system needs only 7,000 Sq. Ft.


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