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Horizontal Carousel Systems

Horizontal carousel storage systems are ideal for high-speed automated picking, parts delivery and sortation applications. Carousels position heavy duty bins to an operator automatically, saving space, reducing labor cost, speeding throughput, and improving accuracy and inventory control.

Outsource Equipment can provide you with a new or used horizontal carousel that meets your needs and fits into your budget. In fact, companies often recover their investment in less than one year through improved productivity, reduced floor space, reduced error rates, reduced shrinkage, and greater up time.

Horizontal carousel storage systems work extremely well in many picking scenarios, especially when used in conjunction with a pick-to-light or other picking enhancements. What’s more, these machines are often set up with multiple carousels forming one pod, further reducing operator down time. When combined with inventory-management software, horizontal carousels facilitate high-efficiency batch picking.

horizontalcarouselAdditionally, horizontal carousel storage systems are not as height-limited as one might think; the carousels can be set up to provide access on a second (mezzanine) level, essentially doubling the height – and therefore, storage – capacity. And while the typical horizontal carousel is not enclosed, some applications have security doors, password protection and transaction tracking (via inventory-management software) to secure product storage.

Benefits of Horizontal Carousel Systems Include:

  • High Throughput – Picking rates up to 500 lines per operator, per hour.
  • Increased Accuracy – Paperless Lightree and Sortbar picking method virtually eliminates picking errors.
  • Reduced Man Hours – Items are brought to the operator eliminating walk and search time. The software automatically queues orders, batches picks and positions the carousels for picking, reducing idle and dwell time.
  • Cube Utilization – Companies have been able to reclaim up to 75% of floor space when implementing a horizontal carousel system. Shelves are easily adjustable. Carousels may be tiered with or without mezzanines.
  • Payback (ROI) – Companies often recover their investment in less than one year through improved productivity, reduced floor space, reduced error rates, reduced shrinkage, and greater up time.

Diamond Horizontal Carousels

Outsource Equipment is pleased to be a distributor of the latest generation of Diamond Horizontal Carousel picking systems, which integrate state-of-the-art hardware and software. Diamond Horizontal Carousels are crafted with the most durable materials, the highest quality construction, the most reliable components and state-of-the-art controls – and are backed by one of the strongest manufacturer warranties in the industry.

Diamond Horizontal Carousels are built to seamlessly integrate into your operation and are built to last:

    • Structural steel fabrication for long-term durability in the heaviest of applications
    • Modular frame design can be expanded or reduced simply and economically
    • Floor loading – base plates make full contact with floor, even with variations of 6 inches or more, with no need for shims or grouting
    • Custom bin designs made in-house for many different applications
    • Fully factory tested under power with links, yokes, load bars and drive units in place


What’s more, selecting a Diamond Horizontal Carousel will provide you with many other benefits:

  • Single frame size – allowing multiple bin sizes and faster deliveries
  • Dual bin configurations available – 36” to 48”
  • “Uniframe” carousels can be double, triple or quad-tiered with no additional modification and limited cost
  • Commercially available AC controllers that are highly reliable and fully featured
  • Highly efficient direct drives that provide the fastest retrieval speeds in the industry
  • State-of-the-art bin design – heavy gauge safety loops at bin front and efficient “fold out” installation
  • The highest capacity standard shelves in the industry – 150 lbs. standard, with optional capacities

The SpeedStation Workstation

An integral component of the Diamond Horizontal Carousel system design is the SpeedStation, a modular workstation engineered to efficiently organize the many tasks an operator must face in today’s complex order-processing environments.

With a broad choice of modular components and options, this cost-effective workstation can be configured specifically for your operator’s tasks – from high-speed picking and putting to scanning, kitting, ticketing, bagging, labeling, weighing, logging, packing, inspecting and more. One of the industry’s most versatile, flexible workstation ever offered, it’s also easy to adjust or reconfigure as your needs change.

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