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servicesDiscover warehouse management services including: Qualified and electrical installation services. Certified licensed engineering drawings for all 50 states for local and state permitting. Integration of existing equipment with new controls systems. Project management and installation services.

System Design

An effective inventory management system starts with a sound design philosophy. A well-designed, well-operated warehouse can and should be a competitive asset – serving today’s and tomorrow’s distribution needs. Creating a competitive asset begins with leveraging pre-owned equipment where possible to enhance asset ROI and reduce upfront investment.

Warehouse Simulation Services

Warehouses have become ever more important in these days of increased online purchasing. When people buy items online, they often want their items as soon as possible. Of course, such shipping speed is attained only when one can find particular items very quickly. Computer-based warehouse simulation is a process that can yield great dividends in a short period of time.

Automation Software Controls

Picking the right order-picking software will allow you to see immediate benefits in the areas of through-put, simplicity, scalability and dependability. There are a lot of good reasons why the software from our preferred software vendor is installed and running at more sites in North America than any other carousel software.

Leveraging Pre-Owned and New Equipment

Outsource Equipment specializes in new and used material handling equipment and material handling solutions such as conveyor systems, carousels, pallet racks and much more. And, wherever possible, leveraging pre-owned equipment will help you save substantially on your initial investment and long-term costs.

Equipment Leasing & Financing Options

Leasing brings many advantages, and all directly involve the company’s cash flow: Leasing provides significant tax savings for your company, allows a company to get the right equipment by reducing the price factor, and makes projects possible that would otherwise be impossible. Essentially, the advantage to leasing over buying is that there’s usually no large outlay of cash at the beginning of the lease as there is with an outright purchase.

Extended Warranties

A warranty is passed through from the new material handling equipment manufacturer on all new equipment purchases and is maintained by factory trained technicians. Unlike most of our competition, we offer an extended warranty with certain pre-owned material handling equipment that is similar to new product warranty protection.

Logistics Enterprise Software

Slotting a warehouse properly can reduce costs in a number of operational areas. Some of the areas of cost savings can conflict with other areas of savings making it difficult to determine the proper balance to maximize savings. Slot-LE is a revolutionary slotting product that concentrates on maximizing savings in all areas affected by slotting.

Rack Repair

The collapse of pallet racking can result in damaged goods, lost wages, expenses and unnecessary injuries. Outsource Equipment provides superior repair services for pallet racks and other warehouse shelving and warehouse racking solutions – whether the damage is below, at or above load beams.

Warehouse Controls Systems

The Warehouse Control System (WCS) collects real-time information from the automated material handling equipment and devices and Warehouse Management System (WMS) software to efficiently direct and manage automated material handling and processing within the warehouse.

Contract Engineering Services

Outsource Equipment Company works with you to develop cost-effective solutions through our contract engineering services – from concept to implementation.

Professional Installation

Outsource Equipment Company provides material handling equipment installation through professional, manufacturer-certified installers who are highly skilled in the warehouse management system industry and material handling systems. Contact us about warehouse installation services today!

Instant Equipment Notices

Why are you searching all over the internet to get a good deal on used warehouse equipment? Let the deals come to you. All it takes is your email to sign-up for instant notifications on warehouse equipment as much as 66% off retail value.

Outsource Equipment is ready to help you find the warehouse storage solutions you need with our warehouse management services.

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