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Motorized-Roller Conveyor

IntelliROL-MotorizedIntelliROL Motorized-Roller Conveyor Systems

Each independent zone of TGW-ERMANCO’s IntelliROL conveyor is powered directly by a motorized roller, providing maximum control capabilities and dependability.

Ideal Applications

These powered roller conveyors are perfect for systems where versatile, highly reliable, quiet, and easy-to-maintain industrial conveyor systems are a top priority. Similarly, we also carry Gravity Conveyor Systems.

Performance Parameters

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Key Benefits

  • Pre-wired, pre-mounted electrical components
  • Few moving parts reduce both maintenance cost and noise
  • Low profile minimizes space requirements
  • Each zone powered and controlled independently for maximum control capabilities
  • Run-on-demand software selectively deactivates zones not carrying product, reducing noise, energy usage, and component wear

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