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Pallet-Unit Load Conveyor

ULC-RC_Roller_ConveyorULC-RC Pallet Roller Conveyor

This high-performance industrial roller conveyor ensures fast, but gentle conveying of pallets. Positive drive to each roller is provided by a precision roller chain which engages the roller sprocket. A continuous drive chain is guided above each roller by a molded plastic guide, ensuring positive engagement with the roller sprocket. Find durable pallet conveyors at Outsource Equipment!

Performance Parameters

  • Speed range 30-85 FPM
  • Maximum pallet weight 2700 lbs, optional 3300 lbs.
  • Width 33-1/2″, 41″, 49-1/4″
  • Maximum length/drive 33′-0″
  • Roller centers 6″, 7″, 8″
  • Rollers 3-1/2″ dia. x 11 ga, zinc plated
  • Minimum height of rollers 8″
  • Operating environment 32-122 degrees F, optional -22 degrees F
  • Side frame profile 6-7/8″ deep x 2-3/4″ wide and 8-1/2″ x 2-3/4″ wide, 8 ga zinc plated

Key Benefits

  • These pallet conveyor systems feature rugged molded plastic top and bottom chain guides to hold chain in place assuring positive drive
  • Precision conveyor rollers bolted to side channel eliminate cross-members
  • Single strand continuous drive chain results in fewer chains, reduced noise, and less horsepower required
  • Plastic chain covers are easy to remove and replace for maintenance
  • Precision bearings provide long life with reduced noise

ULC-CT_Chain_TransferULC-CT – Chain Transfer

This chain transfer is ideal for right angle transferring of pallets from chain conveyor or a roller conveyor onto a chain conveyor. Two strands of 3/4″ pitch precision roller chain and center support rollers give pallets three lines of support. Pneumatics are not required for these pallet conveyor systems as a motor powers the lifting mechanism for accurate and smooth lowering and lifting of pallets. ULC-CT provides high throughput without an additional motor.

Performance Parameters

  • Speed range 30-85 FPM
  • Chain track width 28-1/2″, 42″
  • Lifting time 2 seconds
  • Maximum pallet weight 2700 lbs, optional 3300 lbs.
  • Minimum height of chain 18″
  • Operating environment 32-122 degrees F, optional -22 degrees F

Key Benefits

  • These industrial roller conveyors have motor-driven lifting mechanisms, meaning no pneumatics are required. High throughput capability.
  • Lift gear with parallel guide rose provides smooth, precise, controlled lifting
  • Vertical and horizontal lifting gently moves pallet away from stop
  • Integral location stop provides position, precise positioning of pallets
  • 97% efficient gear motor means minimal maintenance
  • Torque-limiting chain tensioner keeps chain properly tensioned

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