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Selective Pallet Rack

mecalux-selectiveSelective Pallet Racks offer an excellent solution for warehouses where it is necessary to keep a wide variety of products (SKUs). Contact us today about our selective pallet racking systems, and be sure to check out our Drive In Pallet Racks.

Selective pallet rack systems provide:

  • Direct access to all pallets being stored.
  • Ability to handle one pallet without the need to move other pallets.
  • Easy stock control. Each pallet has it’s own pallet position.
  • Load flexibility, both in terms of weight and volume.
  • A typical selective pallet rack layout at right shows back-to-back rows allowing forklift access to pallets stored on both sides.
  • A normal selective pallet rack layout, pictured below, shows different materials that can be stored depending on the type of support.

Selective Pallet Rack Accessories Include:

  • Cross Bars (front to back) Pallet Rack Supports
  • Wire Mesh Decks Waterfall or Flush Mount
  • Solid Metal and or Wood Decking
  • End Row Protectors & Post Protectors
  • Drum and or Steel Coil Cradles
  • Row Spacers, Wall Spacers

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