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Mobile Racking Systems

Mobile racking and shelving structures are storage systems that allow you to put more product on less surface area through innovative rail construction.

mrsBut not all mobile racking systems are created equal. Quality indicators include the shape and other production values built into the rail system to become the distinguishing features of durability and safety for mobile shelving units.

SSI Schaefer Mobile Racking Systems

mrsThe new generation of SSI Schaefer Mobile Racking Systems, based on four decades of experience in mobile racking system building, is ahead of the times. These movable racking systems have distinctive features to enhance their strength and ensure a long life.

Rails and Beams

The A45 guide rails, for example, have:

  • Round edges, harmless to forklift wheels
  • A guide way for the wheels with a double flange
  • A floor connection profile
  • Large supporting surface for minimum ground pressure

And the A45 running rails have:

  • A wide running surface
  • A vertical floor connection
  • Continuous anchoring due to the profile shape

Both rail types have high-strength steel with high inherent stiffness and m massive levelling mounting brackets. What’s more, integrated rack fastening and robust, welded center beams complete the torsional stiffness and dimensional stability.

Electronics and Mechanicals

The high performance electric drive has two gear stages in direct gearing with matched motor control. Light barriers and distance sensors placed under robust covers provide effective protection of components.

Intelligent system control translates into greater performance through modular design, with standard operational functions including:

  • Global and local system positioning protected by photoelectric access barrier (type tested photoelectric safety barrier)
  • Emergency off switch on every operating panel
  • Manual emergency operation system and manual release system with release storage
  • Rack movement control via the operating panel on each rack
  • Permanent system status display in plain text
  • Movement time, drive unit, display element and operation time counter control

Customized Drive Control System

mrs2A modular design concept means customized mobile shelving units built around client requirements. End-users have the choice of drive control via intelligent terminal with motor power monitoring or frequency-controlled drive control (soft start/soft stop) to protect goods in storage. And every SSI Schaefer racking system is equipped with a modern Siemens S7-300 SPC control system.

SSI Schaefer Options

Options for SSI Schaefer Mobile Racking Systems include:

  • Remote control for rack aisles (by pressing a button on the remote control unit, which can be mobile or fixed to the forklift, the aisle to be opened is selected by radio frequency)
  • Integrated automatic forklift release
  • Control options distance controls (for the creation of order picking aisles, as night park facility in cold and freezer storage areas, or as access for fire prevention)
  • Control option aisle lighting
  • Coverings for mobile bases
  • Forklift identification
  • System operation from rear
  • Interface for WMS
  • Modem
  • Optical warning
  • Acoustic pre-warning

Fully Automated Racking Systems from SSI Schaefer

The combination of optical vehicle navigation with the tried and tested technology of mobile racking systems makes it possible to have a fully automated mobile racking system. With an integrated, fully automated system, you can expect maximum storage capacity within a given space (or minimum space requirement for a specified storage capacity). You’ll also find these efficiency-improving benefits:

  • Floor space utilization up to 80%
  • Direct access to all pallet locations
  • Considerable reduction in staff costs
  • High goods handling capacity due to intelligent storage strategies
  • Optimum adaptation to logistic procedures
  • Highest economic efficiency
  • Highest system availability
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