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The Future of Supply Chains: Automated and Connected

Posted in Automated Storage & Retrieval, Outsource Equipment, Warehouse Logistics, Warehouse Management | Written by: Matt McDaniel

Recent studies show that supply chains models are adapting in accordance with modern technology. According to the 2015 MHI Annual Industry Report on supply chain innovation, facilities are still struggling to boost productivity without raising costs. Fortunately, the new supply

Driverless Cars, Drones and the Material Handling Industry

Posted in Automated Storage & Retrieval, Material Handling | Written by: Matt McDaniel

Driverless cars and drones are two of the biggest topics in emerging technologies today, and Driverless Vehicles and Drones (part one of four in MHI’s video series on emerging technologies that will transform the supply chain over the next decade)

Salmon Swimming the Slippery Slope of the Supply Chain? Say It Isn’t So!

Posted in Automated Storage & Retrieval, Warehouse Logistics | Written by: Matt McDaniel

A recent article in USA Today reported on the mislabeling of farmed salmon as wild salmon – and blamed a convoluted swim up the supply chain for making the error (whether intentional or not) untraceable. It seems that 67% of

Automation is the Future of Warehouses

Posted in Automated Storage & Retrieval, Material Handling | Written by: Matt McDaniel

From sorters to retrieval systems, warehouses today are increasingly turning to automation in hopes of maximizing speed and output. At Outsource Equipment Company, a material handling equipment company, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of the automation industry.

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